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100 Albums That Changed Music: And 500 Songs You Need to Hear pdf books
Title:100 Albums That Changed Music: And 500 Songs You Need to Hear
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1000 Families


Photographer Uwe Ommer shares with us his four year project a Family Album of Planet Earth Overwhelming in its magnitude this project is truly extraordinary p Stopping in over countries in all corners of the world Ommer carefully selected the families which best reflected each society s traditions and social conditions Many of the portraits have appeared in exhibitions and magazines during the course of the project now that the work is finished TASCHEN brings it all to you in one volume p p Ommer chose to photograph each family in the same way against a white background and with identical lighting All of the traditional elements of a documentary photograph are removed leaving only the people themselves The result is astonishing p p X The passing of every old man or woman means the passing of some tradition some knowledge of sacred rites possessed by no other consequently the information that is to be gathered for the benefit of future generations respecting the mode of life of one of the great races of mankind must be collected at once or the opportunity will be lost for all time p p At the turn of the century the American photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis started on his thirty year project to produce a monumental study of North American Indians Using an approach that was both artistically and scientifically ambitious he recorded in words and pictures the traces of the traditional Indian way of life that was already beginning to die out p p With tireless personal commitment Curtis visited American Indian tribes from the Mexican border to the Bering Straits gaining their confidence by his patience and sensitivity This his photographiclife s work was printed in volumes between and as The North American Indian The quality of reproduction of the photographs was excellent There were only copies in total Now all his photographs are fully reproduced in this one book together with a selection of pictures from Curtis texts p

The Art of Rock: Posters from Presley to Punk

The Art of Rock Posters from Presley to Punk

From the s through today here is the i complete i visual history of the rock concert poster the funkiest bills advertising Elvis B B King and Howlin Wolf the multicolored psychedelic hallucinations promoting the Grateful Dead Dylan and the Doors the deliciously tasteless art for the Sex Pistols Crime and the Clash From the Red Dog Saloon in San Francisco where the psychedelic scene started to CBGB New York s punk Mecca and beyond images searched out world wide from clubs attics and bedrooms as well as more formal collections are reproduced in their original blazing colors br br Replete with firsthand history including exclusive interviews with scores of insiders poster artists musicians and promoters this is the ultimate high for the rock music fan required reading for the poster collector a treasure trove for the graphic artist and a riotous feast for anyone who digs pop culture br

Bowie on Bowie: Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie

Bowie on Bowie Interviews and Encounters with David Bowie

David Bowie has been one of pop music s greatest interviewees since January when he famously risked career death by asserting to i Melody Maker i that he was gay Although he wasn t yet a big star it was a groundbreaking moment And over the years Bowie has failed to give an uninteresting interview It might be said that he has habitually used the media for his own ends but he has paradoxically also been searingly honest declining to ever be coy about his ambitions his private life and even his occasional ennui br br i Bowie on Bowie i presents some of the best interviews Bowie has granted in his near five decade career Each interview traces a new step in his unique journey successively freezing him in time as young novelty hit maker hairy hippie Ziggy Stardust Aladdin Sane the Thin White Duke plastic soul man fragile Germanic exile godfather of the New Romantics eighties sellout Tin Machinist and finally permanently artistically reborn beloved elder statesman of challenging popular music In all of these iterations he is remarkably articulate He is also preternaturally polite almost every interviewer remarks upon his charm br br The features in this book come from outlets both prestigious i Melody i i Maker Mojo New Musical Express i i Q Rolling Stone i and less well known i The Drummer Guitar i i Ikon i Mr Showbiz In all cases Bowie enables the reader to approach the nerve center of his ferociously creative and prolific output br

Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan

Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan transformed not only folk music but rock n roll as a whole he brought the intellectualism of folk lyrics to a genre still dominated by romantic conventions From the phenomenal commercial success of his epic gritty single Like a Rolling Stone to Time Out of Mind rock s first treatise on mortality in Dylan has been fearlessly breaking new ground The Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan explores his phenomenal legacy in over pages of Dylan expose

The Rough Guide to The Rolling Stones

The Rough Guide to The Rolling Stones

Still going strong after four decades The Rolling Stones are the ultimate rock band The Rough Guide to The Rolling Stones explores every aspect of the music and charts how Mick Keith and the boys invented rock stardom Features include The Story From the blues clubs of s Chelsea to the world tours and millionaire mansions The Music essential songs and the stories behind them plus the albums bootlegs soundtracks and solo projects The Entourage the girlfriends managers and musicians from Jerry Hall and Marianne Faithful to Andrew Loog Oldham and Nicky Hopkins The Rolling Review the movies books and websites all the Stones info you ll ever need This Rough Guide leaves no stone unturned

Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac: Interviews and Encounters

Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac Interviews and Encounters

Fleetwood Mac was a triumph from the beginning their first album was the UK s bestselling album of After some low points when founder Peter Green left some fans felt that the band continuing was sacrilege Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined and their album i Rumours i became one of history s immortals a true classic that remained on the charts for years and in the public s affection forever br br In the press the ethereal Californian Stevie Nicks the tormented rocker Lindsey Buckingham the dignified English rose Christine McVie the blunt speaking John McVie and the loquacious Mick Fleetwood have all regularly been astoundingly candid This collection of interviews across the entirety of Fleetwood Mac s career features articles from such celebrated publications as i Crawdaddy i i New Musical Express i i Circus i i Creem i i Mojo i i Goldmine i i Classic Rock i i Blender i and i Elle i as well as interviews that have never previously appeared in print Here is the only place you can learn the Fleetwood Mac story from the band members own mouths

Defining Moments in Music: The Greatest Artists, Albums, Songs, Performances and Events that Rocked the Music World

Defining Moments in Music The Greatest Artists Albums Songs Performances and Events that Rocked the Music World

From breakthroughs in recording technology to a song s political repercussions this electrifying collection will have music fans debating for years Edited by Sean Egan a writer for such major magazines as i Billboard i and i Goldmine i this decade by decade review covers events people performances and every imaginable genre classical opera country folk rock spirituals blues jazz and stage musicals A superb selection of critics weighs in on key albums singles and songs along with biographies and commentary on the impact of major artists Celebrate the riots that greeted the first performance of Stravinsky s i Rite of Spring i the spectacular explosion of punk the creation of the moog synthesizer the untimely death of icons and the first breakdance

The Mammoth Book of the Rolling Stones

The Mammoth Book of the Rolling Stones

As the legendary band celebrates their fiftieth anniversary this comprehensive anthology acts as a commemoration to the Rolling Stones legacy as one of the most transformative rock n roll bands of all time Fans of all ages will delight in reliving defining moments as well as gain new insight into the band s history of musical milestones

David Bowie: Ever Changing Hero

David Bowie Ever Changing Hero

David Bowie needs no introduction An immense star whose music and writing has transcended generations he remains one of the most articulate influencers of modern music Over fifty years his singles and albums have slid up and down the bestseller charts adapting to the changing times exploring new musical themes always pushing at boundaries in a desperate desire to seek out the new and the different This fantastic new unofficial biography covers his life music art and movies with a sweep of incredible photographs br

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