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When Johnny Came Sliding Home: The Post-Civil War Baseball Boom, 1865-1870 pdf books
Title:When Johnny Came Sliding Home: The Post-Civil War Baseball Boom, 1865-1870
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This history of America s pastime describes the evolution of baseball from early bat and ball games to its growth and acceptance in different regions of the country Such New York clubs as the Atlantics Excelsiors and Mutuals are a primary focus serving as examples of how the sport became more sophisticated and popular The author compares theories about many of baseball s inventors exploring the often fascinating stories of several of baseball s oldest founding myths The impact of the Civil War on the sport is discussed and baseball s unsteady path to becoming America s national game is analyzed at length

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Base Ball Founders completes the series of histories of the clubs and players responsible for making baseball the national pastime that began with the Base Ball Pioneers McFarland More than clubs and hundreds of pioneer players from the first hotbeds of New York City Philadelphia New Jersey and Massachusetts are profiled by leading experts on baseball s early years The subjects include legendary clubs such as the Knickerbockers of New York the Eckfords and Atlantics of Brooklyn the Athletics of Philadelphia and Harvard s first baseball clubs and fabled players like Jim Creighton Dickey Pearce and Daniel Adams but space is also given to less well remembered clubs such as the Champion Club of Jersey City and the Cummaquids of Barnstable Massachusetts What united all of these pioneers was that their love of baseball during its early growth pains helped to make it the national pastime

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By the popularity of baseball had spread so thoroughly across America that one writer observed It is as much our national game as cricket is that of the English While major league teams and athletes that played after this prophetic statement was made have been exhaustively documented and analyzed those that led the game during its pioneer phase from to have received relatively little attention In this welcome work leading historians of early baseball provide profiles of more than fifty clubs and their players from legendary teams such as the Red Stockings of Cincinnati and the Nationals of Washington to forgotten nines like the Pecatonica Illinois Base Ball Club and the Morning Star Club of St Louis Engaging narratives bring these long ago clubs back to life stimulating more research on this fascinating era and creating a standard reference source for all who study America s national pastime

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It s been more than a century since Connecticut had big league baseball but in the s Middletown Hartford and New Haven fielded professional teams that competed at the highest level By the end of the decade when the state s final big league team Mark Twain s beloved Hartford Dark Blues left the National League baseball s transition from amateur pastime to major league sport had been accomplished And Connecticut had played a significant role in its development The history of the Nutmeg State s three major league teams is described here in full and the author thoughtfully examines their influence within the regional baseball scene

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As the Civil War ended the thoughts of many Northern soldiers turned to a game that some had learned about for the first time during the war baseball Their newfound interest in the sport combined with the postwar economic boom and the resultant growth of many cities took the game from one practiced by a few amateur clubs in New York City before the war to a professional sport covering almost the entire northeastern United States Researched from primary sources the game of the late s is described season by season the fields the crowds the strategy the rules the style of play and the confusing struggles to crown a national champion with all the chicanery and machinations of the contenders Such landmark events as the Washington Nationals pioneering tour and the Cincinnati Red Stockings undefeated season are covered When Johnny Came Sliding Home: The Post-Civil War Baseball Boom, 1865-1870 books by William J. Ryczek

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