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The Gettysburg Address pdf books
Title:The Gettysburg Address
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Don DeLillo's White Noise (Bloom's Modern Critical Interpretations)

Don DeLillo s White Noise Bloom s Modern Critical Interpretations

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Speeches and Writings 1832–1858

Speeches and Writings

The works of Abraham Lincoln preceding the famous Lincoln Douglas debates illuminate the political career of one of our most courageous presidents and reveal his extraordinary gifts as a writer Covering the years to this em Library of America em volume contains speeches letters drafts and fragments that record his emergence as an eloquent anti slavery advocate and defender of the Constitution br br From the beginning Lincoln s career and the style of his writing nurtured each other During his years as a lawyer he argued hundreds of cases before judges and juries As a stump speaker he became familiar with the ebb and flow of public sentiment He never spoke down to the common people and his engaging idiomatic style is free of irrelevant ornamentation and resounds with the wordplay sarcasm and self mockery of frontier humor as well as with the cadences of the Bible His speeches and letters echo the political philosophy of and his beau ideal of a statesman Henry Clay and the rhetoric of Daniel Webster while reflecting the ambition of a resolute politician who hoped to be truly esteemed by my fellow men br br His private letters show how much Lincoln learned about politics as a stalwart of the Illinois Whigs in the s and s how to measure his support to form alliances and to avoid divisive quarrels His public writings reveal his abilities as a party spokesman and orator equally adept at articulating positions and ridiculing opponents Included are his speech in Congress attacking the war against Mexico his fervent call before the Springfield Lyceum for a reverent obedience to the law and the satiric Rebecca letter that nearly involved him in a duel with its enraged target There are in addition more personal letters and poems that further testify to the complexities of his character br br The renewed threat of slavery s expansion into the territories transformed Lincoln s political life in This volume includes several speeches on the subject notably from his Senate race against Stephen A Douglas along with the complete texts of their seven debates The exchanges are marked by personal jibes accusations of falsehood appeals to human sympathies and racial prejudices and profound disagreements on whether the spread of slavery was merely a local question or one that imperiled the future of free government Still the most famous confrontation in American political history the debates have the tense drama of two powerful minds disagreeing with all the intensity that characterized mid nineteenth century American democracy

Speeches and Writings 1859–1865

Speeches and Writings

Abraham Lincoln America s heroic Civil War president was also the greatest writer ever to occupy the White House His addresses at Gettysburg and at his inaugurals his presidential messages and public lectures are an essential record of the war and have forever shaped the nation s memories of it This em Library of America em volume collects writings from to and contains speeches messages proclamations letters memoranda and fragments They record the words and deeds the order to resupply Fort Sumter the emancipation of the slaves held in the Confederacy and proposals to offer the South generous terms of reconstruction by which he hoped to defend and preserve the Union br br The speeches and letters Lincoln wrote in and show his unyielding opposition to the spread of slavery and his canny appraisals of the upcoming election in which he was to win the presidency His victory triggered the secession that he would oppose in his First Inaugural with its appeal to logic history and the better angels of our nature br br Lincoln s wartime writings record the nearly overwhelming burdens of office during a fratricidal war and the added burden of self seeking Cabinet members military cliques and a bitter political opposition He was savagely criticized both for being too harsh and for being too mild He ordered the blockade of ports suspended habeas corpus jailed dissenters and applauded Sherman s devastating march to the sea at the same time he granted clemency to individual Union deserters and releases to Confederate prisoners I expect to maintain this contest until successful he declared and toward that end he was prepared not without his characteristic drolleries to suffer the paradoxes of leadership in a nation at war with itself His writings here include pleas to his own party to spare him their patronage feuds and to generals that they act more resolutely in the field The struggles that taxed his physical endurance also tempered his prose style as evidenced in the nobility of his state papers his sparse words at Gettysburg and his poignant letter to Mrs Bixby consoling her for the deaths of her sons in battle br br In a message to Congress in December Lincoln wrote of the fiery trial through which the nation was passing We shall nobly save or meanly lose the last best hope of earth By he was ready to offer the nation his view of the Almighty s purposes and did so in his Second Inaugural Address with a beauty clarity and severity unsurpassed in American letters Soon after he fell to an assassin s bullet joining six hundred thousand of his countrymen killed in the war He became part of what he called the cherished memory of the loved and lost all those who had died that this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom

The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: A Book of Quotations

The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln A Book of Quotations

From the most eloquent of American presidents nearly astute observations on subjects ranging from women to warfare Bad promises are better broken than kept Marriage is neither heaven nor hell it is simply purgatory Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally

Great Speeches / Abraham Lincoln: with Historical Notes by John Grafton

Great Speeches Abraham Lincoln with Historical Notes by John Grafton

i Also see Alternate Cover Editions for this ISBN ACE i br b a href https www goodreads com book show rel nofollow ACE a b br br For someone who claimed he had been educated by littles a little now and a little then Abraham Lincoln displayed a remarkable facility in his use of the written word The simple yet memorable eloquence of his speeches proclamations and personal correspondence is recorded here in a representative collection of documents br This volume contains complete and unabridged the Address Before the Young Men s Lyceum of Springfield Illinois which emphasized a theme Lincoln was to return to repeatedly namely the capacity of a people to govern themselves the House Divided speech at the Republican State Convention in Illinois the First Inaugural Address in which he appealed to the people of an already divided union for sectional harmony the Gettysburg Address a speech delivered at ceremonies dedicating a part of the Gettysburg battlefield as a cemetery the Letter to Mrs Bixby expressing Lincoln s regrets over the wartime deaths of her five sons the Second Inaugural Address March urging a post war nation to bind up its wounds and show charity for all and his Last Public Address April New notes place the speeches and other documents in their respective historical contexts br An invaluable reference for history students this important volume will also fascinate admirers of Abraham Lincoln Americana enthusiasts Civil War buffs and any lover of the finely crafted phrase Includes selections from the Common Core State Standards Initiative Gettysburg Address and Second Inaugural Address

Selected Speeches and Writings

Selected Speeches and Writings

Ranging from finely honed legal argument to dry and sometimes savage humor to private correspondence and political rhetoric of unsurpassed grandeur the writings collected in this volume are at once the literary testament of the greatest writer ever to occupy the White House and a documentary history of America in Abraham Lincoln s time They record Lincoln s campaigns for public office the evolution of his stand against slavery his pyrotechnic debates with Stephen Douglas his conduct of the Civil War and the great public utterances of his presidency including the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address br br For the first time the authoritative editions of works by major American novelists poets scholars and essayists collected in the hardcover volumes of The Library of America are being published singly in a series of handsome paperback books A distinguished writer has contributed an introduction for each volume which also includes a chronology of the author s life and career an essay on the text and notes

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The words of President Abraham Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address are as relevant and meaningful today as they were in This magnificent book is a stunning exploration of some of the most powerful words ever spoken in American history The Gettysburg Address books by Abraham Lincoln, Michael McCurdy

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